Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Football Lover!

My grandson is turning 6 and has just started really liking sports.  I hadn't made him a blanket yet so I decided to crochet a football inspired blanket.  I hope he loves it!  It was so easy to make and didn't take very long either.  I think it's adorable!

If you know someone that would love to have a football blanket you can get the pattern here

Saturday, April 29, 2017

Dog Bone Mat for Danzig

No matter what size of dog you have or how old they are, they tend to make a mess once in a while when they are eating...right?  Mine does!  His mouth must have holes in it because the floor is always wet after he gets a drink.  I get tired of mopping every time he drinks and finally decided to make a mat to put under his food and water to help contain the mess.

I looked online for a pattern and there are several out there. However, I ended up doing my own thing.  One of the patterns I found, and really liked the way it looked, was written in Swedish so it was a no go.  Yes, I tried google translate, but it didn't come out right.  I found another pattern that was really cute, but the bone mat was for little dogs and my Danzig is 62lbs and far from little.  So, I just started crocheting!

The mat was easy, just back and forth across the rows.  The rounded corners were a little different for me.  The first one turned out a little funky, but I left it and went on to the next one.  As I went around and got to the fourth one I got more and more pleased with they way they looked.  This mat is definitely "perfectly flawed"! I don't think Danzig is going to care.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Easter Gifts for the Grandkids

I don't think that as a Nana that I need to always stuff more candy in the faces of my grandkids during the holidays.  So, this Easter I spent time making each of them a little stuffed keepsake.  They are all little right now and don't understand how important these things will become to them later.  However, I am thrilled to be able to offer them handmade, perfectly flawed, creations they will cherish as they get older.

You can find the Egg Popping Poultry pattern here

Eggster Bunny pattern is here. I made it a rattle using a plastic egg and popcorn kernels. 

The Easter Chick Bust pattern is here.  This one is a rattle as well. 

         The cute little chick pattern is here.                                 Shorn the Sheep pattern is here
                   I made a duck out of it! 

The sweet sheep pattern is here

           This cute little duck is here.                                  Shaun the Sheep can be found here.

I also made a Minion but forgot to get a picture of it before I gave it to my oldest grandson.  Hopefully I can get a picture of it soon and come back and add it to this post.   Until then, you can find the pattern for it here

I hope you enjoy all the patterns and my renditions of them!  

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Tooth Fairy Pillows

Only one of my grandkids has started losing teeth, the rest are still a little young.  However, I felt it was time to make Tooth Fairy pillows for them all!

You can make your own by getting the free pattern here

Monday, February 6, 2017

Big Boy Blanket is Finished!!

Yep, it's done!!  I LOVE it!!  I think it turned out wonderfully!  Now I just have to figure out which one of the grandsons gets it.

No, I didn't put them in the same order as they were created or that Happily Hooked suggested.  I did it my way. If you would like to make one of your own, you can get the pattern over at Happily Hooked!

Friday, January 20, 2017

Whew! The holidays are over and life is back to.....normal??

Hey everyone!!  I know it seems like forever since I have posted anything.  The holidays were so busy and I have my grandkids every day, and I don't feel like I get a lot of time to post.  I have, however, been crocheting!!  I have made stuffed animals, ponytail hats, and am currently working on a "Big Boy Blanket" courtesy of Happily Hooked.  I haven't decided which grandson is going to get this one, but I better start figuring it out soon because birthdays start VERY soon!!

Here is what I have so far!  I love this blanket!!  It is going to be so cute when I get it all put together.

Before the holidays I managed to get my daughters blanket done that she has been waiting on since February.  Yes, I have been that busy and it was that difficult of a project. 

I made my mother the booties she asked for....first time doing the crocodile stitch and I can honestly say, I don't much care for it.  It looks great, but man, all that twisting and turning.  LOL 

I had some spare time at family events and threw together a couple of market bags.  They are great for putting in your car, purse, diaper bag or wherever to take to the Farmers Market.  

I made a bowed ponytail hat for my granddaughter, but it was too small so I have to make it again and give this one to her sister.  That's what I get for not measuring her head!  

I also started a 2017 Temperature Blanket. I will crochet one row each day until December 31, 2017.  The color of the row is based on the temperature outside.  The purples are the coldest days, blues are normal winter temps, greens (look yellow in picture) are warmer days and as summer temps arrive the colors will go into an orange and a red.  

So, yes, I have been staying busy and making lots of new things!  I have a LOT more patterns that I want to try out, but I just don't have enough hours in the day or money for yarn.  Maybe someday! 

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and will keep checking back for the progress made on the new projects.  Take care and God bless! 

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Why Perfectly Flawed?

I am a pretty religious person and my love for God is indescribable! I know that no one on this Earth is perfect except Jesus Christ who walked the Earth many, many years ago.  I understand that God made all of His creations "perfect"....it is us that destroys them and sees flaws.

When I am creating things with yarn, I do my best to get it as perfect as I can, but I always seem to mess something up.  Either I missed a stitch and have to increase on the next row or I put in too many stitches and have to decrease.  With the stuffies, things get crooked as I am sewing them on.  It doesn't matter how hard I try to place things right where they should be, by the time I put it out in front of me and look at the finished project it is just not right.

Perfectly Flawed Creations is not meant to sound negative.  It is to remind us that even though we think we are flawed, and that our creations are flawed, God sees us through Jesus Christ and He sees His perfect creation.  I am perfectly flawed and so is everything I create.  I am perfectly ok with that.  I hope that you are too!